Weight control

In line checkweighers

Packital, inside the range of products, offers three different models of checkweighers: M, C and F. Perfect for any manufacturing sector: food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical. Equipped with higly user-customized eletronic control unit, they can be easily integrated with rejection systems, printers and warning devices. Carbon steel painted on colour request or stainless steel execution.

Eletronic control units

Checkweighers are equipped with eletronic control unit built and programmed by Packital.
They are not stop programmed, but they are customized in accordance with customer’s needs and request. Packital control units have multilanguage interface and they can also manage all the connected units, like belt conveyors or roller conveyors.
Serie C checkweigher with rejection unit, infeed conveyor.
all the units are managed by 908 control unit.