Lane dividers and combiners

Packital sliding slat systems

Packital sliding plate systems satisfy every need to divert, divide or reunite any package, container or product in multiple lanes.

The careful design allows the elimination of any knocks or frictions between the metal parts, keeping the noise level far below the values established by regulations.

The smooth and progressive movement is suitable for handling any container, including unstable ones, and to ensure high-speed processing.

Each line divider works autonomously, therefore it can also be inserted in existing industrial systems. The use of high quality materials and components, chosen according to their degree of availability in the international market, makes every Packital diverter reliable and safe.

Lane dividers and lane combiners

Dividers are often matched with system able to complete their functions such as bundles rotators.

Multiple lanes of belt, individually motorized at different speed, organize bundles in order to output them in the right position.