Optical Inspection Data Sheet

Main Technical Features

Typical installation

  • System installed in the packaging line after the packaging machine and the labeling machine
  • The packages pass through the system on a conveyor belt
  • Two cameras, one located on the bottom, the other on the top capture the images
  • Each series of images is compared to a defect-free sample image
  • It ejects packs that do not respect tolerances
  • Production data is stored to analyze the progress of errors and to document the inspection of the product
  • It helps identify the causes of errors and actively increases production yield

Inspection of the seal

  • VisioPointer detects any visible contamination in the seal, also detects other defects such as welding errors and bends are detected, if they are visible to the human eye
  • The sensitivity level is determined by the user and can be assigned with different levels for different types of products
  • The percentage of non-compliant seals is specified by the user
  • The inspection of the seal is performed constantly and uniformly with greater reliability and continuity than to a visual inspection performed by operators

Reading the barcode

VisioPointer inspects the barcode based on:
  • Specific product barcode.
  • Readability of the bar code
  • Correct position of the barcode (in relation to the packaging)

High and low side graphics

VisioPointer inspects the label for:
  • Correct graphics
  • Impeccable graphics
  • Correct position of the label (compared to the packaging)

Inspection of the press

VisioPointer inspects inkjet printing:
  • Readability / Gradation of black
  • Correct print position
  • Correct date compared (OCR / OCV) to the set date on the computer
  • Correct date according to the data of the ERP system

Production optimization module

  • The VisioPointer Production Optimization Module ensures that the production line actually makes better products than a line without the VisioPointer System
  • The return on investment in a VisioPointer system is very short, while the quality of the products has significantly improved

  • The production optimization system provides
  • Instant overview of ongoing production
  • With a simple glance, the operator can monitor the status of each quality variable relating to the production line
  • Specific and detailed information for a quick return to correct production
  • Specific instructions can be linked to each error, to make operator intervention quick and effective
  • Statistical data for the maintenance of production lines

  • The production optimization module associates each error with a specific production line tool
  • If an instrument continuously generates products with defects, it will be immediately visible on the POM
  • The images relating to each error are stored based on the tool that generates them to give the operator the information necessary to apply rapid corrective actions

  • The error distribution is displayed by error types and by production tools
  • If an instrument continuously generates products with defects, it will be immediately visible on the POM
  • This provides the maintenance manager with an effective tool to start prevention measures in the correct time