Serie C


Packital serie C checkweighers are perfectly suitable for heavy duty applications, for checkweighing large bag sizes and cartons or «multipacks» as bundles, shrinkwrapped packs and crates.

Basically they consist of a powered belt conveyor under which a load cell is incorporated and it is protected from over load and side impacts by an articulated loosen frame.

This units can be suitable both for metrological and quality control purposes; they can be also suitable for inspecting the entirety and complete filling of multipacks when placed downstream automatic packers or casers, as an alternative to visual or x-rays inspections.


Up to 100 kg in weight without MID certification.

Serie C Options

  • Relevant spacing, timing and transfer belt/roller conveyors
  • Rejection units by pusher, sweeping arms, sliding slats dividers or hinged conveyor to suit features of processed products.
  • Remote eletronics options.