Serie F


The Packital Serie F checkweighers represent the Heavy duty solution for the dynamic weighing of metal cans and glass jars.
These units are particularly functional in the canning, chemical and petrochemical industries or, in any case, where abundant washing procedure and / or dragging of product spilled from containers or shards which are not compatible with the presence of conveyor belts is expected.

Their integration into the production line generally requires a thorough study of the conformation and characteristics of the adjacent conveyors. For high-speed lines or with unstable containers, it is necessary to evaluate the side-by-side transfer from the adjacent conveyors and suitable timing systems (warmscrews, stars, prongs or other devices).
The Serie F units are extraordinarily toughs and free from the typical risks of heeling or slipping of the belts on the drive drums, therefore recommended in the presence of water, oil, detergents or abrasive or hygroscopic powders.

TILL TO 6 kg

Serie F Options

  • Timing belts or wormscrews; feeding and transfer conveyors.
  • Rejection units by pusher, sweeping arm,dynamic modules, sliding slats dividers, traps or air blow, to suit features of processed products.

Dynamic modules rejector

Chain conveyor


Modular plastic chain conveyor