X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection for the food market

MEKI™ ONE - All you need in ONE

MEKI™ ONE is a concept with all you need from a Critical Control Point in one compact package. The ONE concept combines the superior X-ray sensitivity with the smallest footprint, still having all the latest features and functionalities expected by the global quality standards, such as integrated automatic reject, reject bin, reject confirmation, and system reporting.

MEKI™ ONE makes it easy for food producers to introduce food X-ray quality control to any packaging lines. The concept ensures that producers will meet and exceed expectations for production quality.

With MEKI™ ONE, we offer the best value for the investment.

MEKI™ C stands for:

CURTAINLESS. Certain products cannot be inspected by using conventional X-ray inspection systems with lead curtains, and they require a curtain-free system to ensure smooth product flow. Curtainless equals an easy-toclean, convenient and carefree production with less wearing parts and easier system maintenance.

CUPS. Especially designed for cup products, emphasizing cup-friendly product transfers, -guides and -rejection, making sure the inspection is truly a seamless part of the production. Cups are used in all industries; yoghurts, noodles, cereals, nuts, ready-to-eat meals, fruits and cookies are just a few examples of products that can be found in a cup.

COMPLETE. Full Critical Control Point, where you have all you need in one complete package including automated product rejection, rejection confirmation and reporting. All this with the latest X-ray technology to inspect, detect and reject the potential hazards and fulfill any global quality standard.

MIDMEKI™ – Offering the Best Value

MIDMEKI quality control system uses the latest X-ray image processing technology. With this system, we expand our unique product line with a system that combines the benefits of our compact MEKI™ with a wider conveyor and significantly larger detection area.

It is especially designed for the inspection of larger food products and trays of smaller products. High moisture, salt content or different type of packaging materials (like metal) are not a problem for the inspection.

MIDMEKI requires the least amount of installation space in the production line compared to any other comparable X-ray system. Like with MEKI™, with MIDMEKI we focus on what is important and necessary in an X-ray for a food producer, so we can deliver the best value to Mekitec’s most valuable asset – our customer.

MEKI™ ONE, MEKI™ C and MIDMEKI™ are suitable for industries such as: